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《歐美寫真報導雜誌》ELSKA MAGAZINE Issue #25─Manila, Philippines

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Elska Manila是我們的第二十五期,繼訪問台北(台灣),橫濱(日本),
Elska Manila is our twenty-fifth issue and also our sixth trip to Asia,
following our visits to Taipei (Taiwan), Yokohama (Japan), Mumbai (India),
Seoul (Korea), and Dhaka (Bangladesh). Over the past couple of years,
we received many requests from Filipino readers to visit their country,
and make an Elska there, and we finally decided to listen,
here presenting you with your chance to get to know the bunch of local Manila, ,
residents we met photographed,and got close to.

「Elska Guadalajara」,「Elska ogot」和「Elska Manila」,
Perhaps surprising for a predominantly Catholic country,
the men we met in Manila were anything but conservative.
Each participant in Elska has the option to include nudity,
in their photoshoots and is welcome to write about any subject,
as long as the story they tell is true. The Manile?
turned out to be particularly open and unabashed by sex or sexuality,
being uninhibited in their pictorials and often explicit in their tales.
Interestingly Elska 's three issues with the most nudity are「Elska Guadalajara」,
「Elska Bogot?」and「Elska Manila」- all largely Catholic countries,
and all former Spanish colonies. It 's yet another example through Elska,
where preconceived ideas about people just don 't work in reality.

在《埃Elska Manila》中分享了一些故事,其中包括:
•保羅·D(Paolo D)關於儘管精神病魔鬼仍在努力尋找自己的光芒的文章;
•布賴爾·B(Bryill B)的故事是在繁忙的高峰時間通勤火車上的一次encounter戀;
•雷傑·T(Rej T)的故事:參加一次省級家庭婚禮,並試圖逃避伴娘尋找單身男人的注意力;
•傑夫·M(Jeff M)的故事中,嘗試失敗地停止愛一個顯然不會歸還他的愛的男人。
•安東·L(Anton L)的文字承認,自己對轉播應用程序感到多麼疲憊,但無論如何仍會繼續使用它們。

The stories contributed by the Manila participants suggest,
a few potential attributes of the gay Filipino character.
There’s a good deal of humour, a strong sense of being proudly out,
and also a sometimes worrying amount of over-modesty and a tendency to be self-effacing.

Some of the stories shared in 「Elska Manila」include:
•Paolo D’s piece about his struggle to find his own light in spite of the demons of mental illness;
•Jeff M’s story about trying unsuccessfully to stop loving a man who clearly doesn’t return his love
•Rej T’s story of going to a provincial family wedding and trying to escape the attention of bridesmaids hunting for a single man;
•Bryill B’s tale of a lustful encounter on a very crowded rush-hour commuter train;
•Anton L’s text that admits how tired he is of hookup apps yet how he keeps using them anyway.

Elska Dhaka為192頁。規格為170mm x 240mm(約6.7 x 9.4英寸),
Elska Dhaka is 192 pages. The print version is 170mm x 240mm
(approx 6.7 x 9.4 in), full colour, sewn-bound, offset-printed, and on 130gsm (90lb)
internal matte paper and 280gsm (110lb) textured coated coverage paper with
flaps. One random Elska Collectors ' Postcard is inserted inside.